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Hi! Thank you for being here. My self-compassion journey started ten years ago when my eldest son was born.  I read the books, took the classes but I struggled with parenting and how little control I had over this little person. I became obsessed with how my children ‘should’ be whether it was sleep, play, or food. This left me feeling angry and like I was failing as a mother.

I reacted in anger with the way I spoke to myself, my children and my husband. I didn't tell anyone what was going on because I was embarrassed and stoic, believing I was the only one experiencing feelings of frustration. I thought I had to be a 'super-mum.' And in my mind everyone else had it all together.  

These feelings grew until I felt something had to change. I started searching for what was going on and this led me to wisdom teachings, books, courses, counseling, spiritual mentors (Suzi Lula, Shefali Tsabary pictured below), a career change, and meditation. I started writing about my experiences on schoolmum.net, Medium, and A Motherhood Evolution Blog (a message of self-compassion for mothers inspired by Suzi Lula). As I began to accept the parts of myself that were struggling, the frustration and exhaustion began to subside.

Meditation and self-care became central to my journey and I decided to leave my teaching career.

I am passionate about meditation and self-care for parents, teachers and everyone. I have personally experienced how meditation can assist us to connect to the present moment, our physiology and our compassionate self. This has a flow on effect with our relationships.

If you are interested in learning more about meditation I would love to share the practice and it’s benefits with you.

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