The purpose of meditation is not to get rid of thoughts but to allow them to ‘be.’

Jacquie is a meditation teacher, parent, registered school teacher, blogger, and amateur musician. Jacquie has three school-aged children, two boys and a girl, and understands it’s not easy being a parent.

Parents today are overwhelmed, confused and filled with anxiety about their parenting responsibilities and relationships with their children.

Using meditation Jacquie guides parents through techniques to help them hold space for their body and mind.

Jacquie creates a safe space for you to be you, whether it’s a one-to-one session or a group class.

Jacquie has studied meditation courses with Dr Shefali Tsabary (Oprah’s parenting expert, author of The Conscious Parent, The Awakened Family), Suzi Lula (author of The Motherhood Evolution), Jeff Foster (The Joy of True Meditation) and Matt Licata (The Path is Everywhere). She has completed an Advanced Certificate in Guiding and Teaching Meditation through the Australian Centre of Holistic Studies.

Jacquie specialises in self-compassion and self-care for mothers of all ages.

‘Parents are amazing human beings. Parenting does not come with a manual so it’s tricky to know whether we are making the ‘right’ decisions. Meditation has assisted me to work through my own difficulties with anxiety and control and learn about how to speak to myself with compassion. Giving myself permission to be vulnerable is a wonderful gift.

Our children learn to love and accept themselves through watching their parents love themselves first.’ - Jacquie Dunbar

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Befriend yourself

When you are connected with your heart space your capacity to love yourself and your children grows exponentially

GROUND yourself

Enter into the present moment taking in sounds, smells and sensations

Take a deep Breath

Grow in awareness and relaxation of the breath, body and mind


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